WOW! factor – onboard Kingfisher Airlines

Thought I should share this little WOW! factor I experienced recently onboard a Kingfisher Airline flight to Delhi.

When the air-hostess serve the meal to the passengers they have a small list hidden on their tray with each guest name mentioned on it. So instead of saying “Sir, what would you like to have?” I am pleased to hear the lovely air-hostess say “Mr.Bhatia, what would you like to eat this morning?”.

Lots of personalisation and a great customer experience delivered without much effort. Simple, but yet you don’t see many forms of service delivering this experience.

Would love to hear if you have had any other such WOW! factors. Share your thoughts in the comments area.


2 thoughts on “WOW! factor – onboard Kingfisher Airlines

  1. All said and done, it is the small things like this that make big difference in customer experience. Someone knowing your name, giving you a lovely smile, helping you solve a problem quickly….

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