What will you get out of this quarantine?

The world has gone into quarantine. Home locked, we are experiencing something which most of us crave. Free time. Family time. Me time.

The next few days we will spend time bonding with the family, reading, writing, binge watching. A lot of hidden talents will be discovered. Yes, some will also continue working.

Go deeper and some of us will introspect. Hunt the true meaning of life.

Some of the outcomes I can imagine:

The need to give up a compulsive job and take up a passion for a living.

Couples discovering new love. Making amends in their relationships. Or troubled marriages walking into divorces.

The discovery of a new hobby for many.

New Year like resolutions to start afresh when things are back to normal.

The promise to make more time for the family and also steal the “me time”.

What are you doing in this quarantine? What will you change once the lock down is over? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.


One thought on “What will you get out of this quarantine?

  1. Being quarantined has resulted in eating at home – more healthy perhaps! Walking in neighborhood, saying Hi to neighbors from the street .. saw some folks, we did not know they live in these flashy homes, more neighborhood kids biking, skating, making noise and next door neighbor shooting basketball 🏀 on his driveway. Of course, we are inside our yards. So peaceful .. but scary at times.

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