When I realised there was no wasted time for a child

The start of the lockdown was tough for all us. The challenges continue but I think all of us in our own small ways has made some peace.

As a family it was chaos – WFH for the parents. Online School & Classes for the Kid. Sharing of the the gadgets since everything was now “digital” suddenly.

With a kid in the house, we parents worried about increased screen time. Lots of free time with very little options to keep the kid engaged creatively and also burn out the energy for a good night’s sleep.

I was worried about how she would be wasting her time while her friends did learning activities, attended online workshops, got creative and explored. There was peer pressure and then there was me putting pressure on her not to waste time, be constructive and don’t get lazy.

Finally the ice broke, the wife had a chat with me. I realised she is only a child. All that free time to gaze outside the window, play with her dolls, scribbles in her notebook were indeed ALL GOOD STUFF. Part of growing up. Part of letting her take control.

Things got a little easier. Schedules are now more fluid. Wife & I take turns, we fit in the activities to keep the mood upbeat and drive away the boredom. One of us participates in the online workshops along with her. We balance the share of academics & creative fun time so that there is no pressure.

Leaving you with this lovely Whats App forward shared by a friend.


One thought on “When I realised there was no wasted time for a child

  1. We have 5 grandkids – 14 to 6 away from us at two different places. We use iMessage and FT to be in touch. I have started sending quizzes and puzzles to keep them thinking. Some easy ones, some for them to know more about family members, like where and when was grandma born etc, Which is their favorite Disney character! Just be creative!

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