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  1. Hi Kapil,

    I wish to work Account Planner in an ad agency.

    I’m a Mass Media Graduate and a fresher in the industry. I would love to seek your guidance on how should i start.

    Do reply on my mail!!!

    Thanks in advance!!

    Deepak Gupta

  2. Hi,

    I am researching the photos needed for a new book. Could you let me know please whether the image of the Microsoft China shuttle bus at kapilb.com/blog/2007/06/14/microsoft-office-bus/ is your copright? If so, please contact me, I believe that the photo will be of interest to my editor.

    I hope to hear back from you later.

  3. Hi,
    I am writing a blog on the upcoming Kala Ghoda festival for the International Herald Tribune (www.iht.com) and wondered if I could use some of your photos of last year’s fest, probably the one of the giant bicycle wheel. I am afraid I can’t offer payment as there is no budget for photos, but I can offer credit, for what it’s worth.

    Please email me as soon as possible.

    Kavitha Rao

  4. Hi Kapil,
    I work with Time Out Mumbai magazine and we’d like to feature your Mumbai Photo Marathon group in a story we’re planning on amateur photography groups in Mumbai. Do let know how to get in touch. You can call me on 98190 xxxxx. Thanks!
    Rachel Lopez
    [Edit: Number blanked out for security]

  5. Hi Kapil,

    I have a friend who has recently written a book which is based on the city of Mumbai. The book’s name is ‘Mumbai on the Footboard’. The author of the book, Anish Vyavahare is a copywriter by profession and works with Lintas. This is his first attempt at writing.

    Since your blog has a lot of articles on Mumbai, I was wondering if I could get your review on the book which could be posted on your blogsite. I have the synopsis of the book ready and would like to share it with you.
    Do let me know what you think about it.

    Priyanshi Saksena.

  6. Hi Kapil!

    I have been following your blog on a regular basis and noticed that you write a lot on entertainment and movies so I thought of sharing some information on the services provided by Buzzintown.

    The portal provides information about events and entertainment happening across 19 cities in India, making planning a night on the town or a weekend much easier. The portal also has a ticketing facility for all major events in town enabling you to book your tickets with minimum hassle.

    Here are some cool features on the site:
    • Users can join communities which are provided with customized updates for shared interests
    • A unique feature called “India Buzz” which allows you to view the top 3 events happening across the major metros in the country
    • The portal is also available on mobile at m.Buzzintown.com, so you can plan your evening on the go!
    Buzzintown also offers an exclusive online comedy show “Jay Hind!” which has Sumeet Raghavan of Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai as the host.

    Do let me know your initial thoughts on the portal, if you would like more information and please feel free to write back to me.

  7. Hi kapil,

    We would like to invite you to a community of techies, http://www.techiedesi.com

    You are one among the few Techie bloggers we have hand picked to send a special invitation (i.e., this is not an automated mail). At TechieDesi Community, we are trying to build the largest community of techies, with the shortest turn around time to get the questions answered. It’s a community of bloggers, geeks, solution providers and all different people who have one thing in common, the interest towards technology. If you would like to know more about the community, who built it and what are our visions, please follow the links below:

    As of today, we have more than 700 techies in the community with a few active bloggers and the number is increasing as we spread the word. We look forward to see you in the community. Please do spread the word to your fellow techies.

    TechieDesi Community Management

  8. Hi Kapil,
    I wish to work as a ad maker in an ad agency.

    I’m a Graduate witha advitisment and a fresher in the industry. I would love to seek your guidance on how should i start.

    Do reply on my mail!!!

    Thanks in advance!!

  9. Hi Kapil,
    Thanks for they reply. kapil can you please healp me. I want to join the denik bhasker
    contest”think negetiv contest” but i dont understend where i sent my entryes. I search alot but i dont understeand.

    Do reply on my mail!!!

    Thanks in advance!!

  10. Hi Kapil,

    I’m currently looking for opportunities to make use of my experience of working in advertising industry. I’m seeing my future in the area of art direction or creative side. I have 5+ years experience in advertising field.

    Please let me know whether a meeting would be appropriate. I would very much like to discuss any potential opening with you

    I’m a Graduate witha advitisment and a fresher in the industry. I would love to seek your guidance on how should i start.

    Do reply on my mail!!!

    Thanks in advance!!

  11. Hello! First of all Its very nice to read everything about you! Your profile tells that you have really worked hard for getting where you are now!

    I am an MBA graduate with specialization in Marketing,
    My basic graduation is in Biotechnology.
    I am keen to work in Advertisement field, but not sure how to reach there.
    Right now I am working with Pushpam Computers and Software as its Marketing Media Planner, where I am taking care of all its Advertising and Branding needs!

    Please if you can guide me regarding the same, i will be very helpful to you!

    Thanks a lot!
    Hoping to get a reply!

  12. hi kapil
    I am a Graduate with advisement and i am pursuing my graphic designing also.kapil i am fresher in the industry . I would love to seek your guidance on how should i start.

  13. hi kapil,

    what kind of camera you use for taking picture of that green hot pepper/plant.
    Can u tell me?


  14. hi,
    i want to know ,i have a imate jam and i want to update its windows can u plz help me about this,that from where to update it and how?

  15. Hi
    How are you? If you could give your postal address , I would like to send you our new brochure of East Africa…. would love your comments and feedback on that.

  16. Hi Kapil,

    I am Saurav Das, writing to you on behalf of Penguin books India Pvt. Ltd. We really an image from your Flickr photostream and want it to be used on one of our book covers. Hence writing this mail, so as to get in touch with you to seek your permission to use it on the book cover. I have also mailed you at your flickr id. Kindly get in touch with me at : saurav.das@in.penguingroup.com. We await your response at the earliest and once again a very lovely shot !

    Saurav Das
    Design Team
    Penguin books India Pvt. Ltd.

  17. hi Im a student of st Andrews college, Bandra. I Would like to talk to you about our initiative against Drunken Driving

  18. Dear owner ,
    i like your this page.
    will you help in one matter?
    basically m student of engg. and also m writer .m looking for a chance in Bollywood .so for that i just want to send my story to Mr. farhan akhtar.
    for that will you help me??


    Raj Kalyani

  19. Hi Kapil,

    ‘the festival of lights’ diyas are lit to signify the triumph of good over evil. Light a Diya allows anyone to light a virtual diya at the home of a loved one to help wish them a happy Diwali (Diwali is on Oct 26 this year)
    . pls see http://www.nrimatters.com/diwali

    The application uses Google Maps to allow users to search and find the address of the home where they wish to light a virtual diya. It is also possible to send the recipient of your virtual diya a personal message, either using Facebook connect or via e-mail.

    The end user has a really smooth experience. Can you review the app or include it as a blog?


  20. Actually I have written a poem which I want to show to Mr Akhtar and get his views on it..Please tell me how could i make it possible

  21. Hi Kapil,

    I have read your article about Mr. Farhan Akhtar writing you back. Actually I am also a great fan of Mr. Akhtar. I am a Digital Painter and i have painted some pictures of him. You can see them here:


    The paintings are originally done by me. If you want proof then I can also show you the raw PSD files. I would be very glad and will feel blessed if I can show them to Mr. Farhan Akhtar.

    It is my humble request to you if you can please kindly send his email-id to my e-mail, antaroop2010@gmail.com. I am sorry to say that the link of Excel Entertainment is not working. I will remain grateful to you if you please help me out. I promise that I will not misuse Mr. Akhtar’s email-id. It will remain safe and undistributed.

    My only dream is to show the Paintings to Mr. Akhtar. Please help me out, Please. I will be waiting for your e-mail.

    Thank You.

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