5 Reads – 21 March 2020

Scary. Deadly. Viral. The COVID-19 has put us all in a Sleep/Shutdown Mode.

Some of us are working from home. Some partially working. Some lucky ones are off work.

We all can enjoy a break. So here’s list of interesting things I read / experienced in the last few weeks.

The Secret to Upgrading Your Entire Life [Link]

A fabulous article on how to approach life. This is one of those, which you read and say damn wish I could have started this a few years ago. Never too late. Start Now.

The One Thing Men Want More Than Sex [Link]

One word answer: Intimacy. However you should go read this to understand the emotional needs of a man. Yes, we have emotions too.

The Power of Saying “YES” in Parenting [Link]

The kids are home. Read this article. Say Yes a little more in the next few days and see the new connection you are able to make with them.

Notion – The all-in-one workspace [Link]

If you know me a bit well, you would know my love for productivity tools. After a bit struggle with Evernote’s limitations and using Trello a few months, I recently made the switch to Notion. A few weeks in this is growing on me and I am going to stick around for a while.

Audible – Stories for the kids [Link]

One more for the parents. Audible has a selection of kids stories free which will keep the little listeners off the screen and glued to the speaker. My little one enjoys her stories on the Google Home, so this should be an interesting experience.

The next few days most of us will be spending time home. We’ve got work. However I am also planning to spend good time reading, do a bit of pending writing.

What are your self-quarantine plans?

Please share your finds or interesting reads in the comments area. Remember, sharing is caring.

Photo by Konstantin Dyadyun on Unsplash

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  1. I always like to read your recommendations.. they are informative. Keep up the good work.

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