5 Reads – 21 March 2020

Scary. Deadly. Viral. The COVID-19 has put us all in a Sleep/Shutdown Mode. Some of us are working from home. Some partially working. Some lucky ones are off work. We all can enjoy a break. So here's list of interesting things I read / experienced in the last few weeks. The Secret to Upgrading Your… Continue reading 5 Reads – 21 March 2020

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Mumbai Taxis Photo Project

Mumbai's local taxis are iconic. Sometime in early 2015 during one of the many taxi rides I hit upon the idea of a small photo project. I spent the next few months capturing the super colourful interior roofs of the taxis. This is a collection of some of the shots. Full Album (14 Photos) on… Continue reading Mumbai Taxis Photo Project


Keynotes from TheRodinHood Mumbai Open House

Last Saturday afternoon I attended my first Rodinhood Open House. I have come back inspired and loved the positiveness in the room full of entrepreneurs and business owners. Here are my key takeaways from the sessions. Ask Questions. Alok (@rodinhood) was so right when he said - Don’t Be Naive. Ask questions, dig deeper. Don’t… Continue reading Keynotes from TheRodinHood Mumbai Open House