Reasons possible for losing an Airplane in 2014

All the technology advancements in the world and we have suddenly lost an entire aircraft, a massive Boeing 777 is missing from the face of this earth. This development (or rather the lack of any) piqued my interest and I have been trying to pick up the articles where experts or just about anybody is giving an intelligent viewpoint on what could have gone wrong.

This episode has startled most of the experts and then there are the bizzare stories like “Alien Abductions” and “Secret Missions” which add more drama to the scene. Here are some articles which I think you should read if you want more than just an update on the situation.

How It’s Possible to Lose an Airplane in 2014 [Wired]

A plausible explanation for why MH370 “disappeared” and why we still can’t find it. [Written by an aviation expert, I think]

And then there was an email sent by a person working on an oil rig who claims he saw the aircraft on fire. Not sure if anyone took note of this and is tracking it.

If you’ve come across some interesting articles on the possible reason, please share a link in the comments section or ping me on @kapilb.