Weekend Reading #3

This will be the last Weekend for 2013 and I am sure most of you will be busy preparing and putting your end of year plans into action. When you sit down for a break and sip your coffee, here are some interesting pieces for you to read.

How to Avoid Work: A 1949 Guide to doing what you love [Brain Pickings]

“Life really begins when you have discovered that you can do anything you want”

Key points from a book written almost 63 years ago but yet holds some relevance to understand what we want from our work and how it impacts our life interests.

How to Eat Curry [The Guardian]
A fun guide on how a foreigner advises readers to pick & eat curry the right way.

Misconceptions of being healthy [Medium]
The writer shares his experience on how he got himself into the gym and the fact that he regrets having not started a healthy lifestyle 3 years ago itself. Read this, might motivate you to hit the gym too. It at least got me thinking of fitting in some exercise into my schedule.

Marriage isn’t for you [Seth Adam Seth]
Don’t let the title mis-lead you. The author gives an interesting perspective on what should be your role and expectation from a marriage. Read it – No matter what your Marital Status is.