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Lessons from PEPx 2018

After flickr, Instagram has helped me stay inspired on the course of my being a hobbyist photographer. Please note "hobbyist" is very important, since I don't call myself a photographer. On my Instagram feed has been the now famous Joseph Radhik. Latest claim to fame - He is the one who shot the wedding of… Continue reading Lessons from PEPx 2018

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Mumbai Taxis Photo Project

Mumbai's local taxis are iconic. Sometime in early 2015 during one of the many taxi rides I hit upon the idea of a small photo project. I spent the next few months capturing the super colourful interior roofs of the taxis. This is a collection of some of the shots. Full Album (14 Photos) on… Continue reading Mumbai Taxis Photo Project

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Mumbai Photo Marathon featured in Time Out

If you’ve been an old timer on this blog, you will know that in April 2007, Nirav and me organised the Mumbai Photo Marathon. The event got featured in the April issue of Time Out Mumbai – Rachel explores the various amateur photography clubs in the city. The pace was manic at the Mumbai Photo… Continue reading Mumbai Photo Marathon featured in Time Out