Get your photos printed at

Great advances in technology has made digital photography cheaper and affordable for many. Memory cards come cheap and we just click click and more click. And thanks to the digital format we no longer visit the photo shop to bring back prints and share it with family and friends. My dad hates this bit – he likes to see photos printed because then you see the best and selected few. But I never managed to get many of my digital photos printed – call me lazy.

As a year end special photo printing service Zoomin had a great “Deal of the Day”. I took advantage of the offer and got some shots printed to evaluate the quality and service offered by them. First set of prints came in a bit delayed thanks to the mega response they had to the special offers, but I am pretty happy with the results.

I could have done better on the high ISO shots – but then sometimes all that noise in the photo gives it a great effect. Hopefully I should be getting some more prints for the long pending coffee table photo book I have been planing.

So if you’re looking for a good online photo printing service, do check out Zoomin.

  • Online photo uploads means you can do them at your convenient time [they also have a import from flickr option]
  • Shipping charges for most of the smaller sizes is per order and not per print.
  • They also have a metallic print option besides the regular Glossy and Matt.
  • If you have the imint card – you can earn & burn points.
  • You can even have the photos shipped to another address besides yours. Surprise the family and friends.

Happy printing!