My Kid Is Teaching Me and I am happy to learn


Spending time with the little one is therapeutic, gives me the opportunity to be me. We talk, laugh, scream, we share and we both learn. Did you know that rain rubber shoes (gumboots) are called “galoshes”? No, even I didn’t. My kid is teaching me and I am happy to learn.

Learning from kids

Ask Questions
“Why is the pig pink?”
“Why are babies only in the mommy’s tummy?”
One of the most awkward aspects of growing up is that we stop questioning. We either accept what’s there or believe it would be silly to ask a question and hence limit our learning. So let’s drop the hesitation and the smart-ass “I know it all attitude, let’s ask, let’s learn”

Think out of the box
“No I don’t want to colour the tree green”
“I want to colour the dog blue”
Why not? Let their imagination run wild. If i keep telling her the rules of life so early, it may limit her thinking and become boring. So let’s set the thinking free. Imagine the crazy – remember if it isn’t crazy every one would be doing it.

Be Happy
“It’s ok papa, we can read this book tonight”
If I can’t find her favourite book, she sometimes is happy with the one available on hand. As we grow up & life becomes complicated, we forget the simple joys of life. Let’s try and cherish those.

Give up. Move on.
Can I please watch TV? No.
Can I watch TV? NO
Switch on the TV. NO!!!
Fine, move on, pick up some toys and get busy. As much as we all need to be determined, there should be point when we realise this is the WALL. So stop and get going in some other direction.

“I think I should try using this (chopsticks)”
Routine is boring. We settle in and love the smooth going. One stops growing if we stop looking or doing beyond the obvious. So, go try something new today.

Are you learning something from your kid? Add to this list, please do share your thoughts in the comments.

Sticker activity to keep the kid busy


Holidays are fun times for the kids. Holidays also mean the parents have to work hard to keep the kids busy. I have joined the Early Learning for Toddlers and Preschoolers(India) group on Facebook which has been a good source of inspiration to make up activities for my little one. Last week I tried one, which she enjoyed and spent good time completing the sheets.

sticker activity kids child

What to do?
Buy bright colour different shaped neon stickers. These are available easily in local stationery shops. Take a couple of blank sheets and draw patterns, shapes which the child needs to decorate with the stickers.

I made 2 sheets. One of them had shapes, where I asked her to put stickers on the borders. Great for hand-eye coordination and good skill development to get those stickers in a line. On the second sheet I wrote the numbers in blocks and asked her to put the stickers accordingly.

This is one of the few activities where I was happy to get her full attention and kept her busy for about 1 hour.

Let me know if you’ve got some fun activity ideas, would love to hear them.


What my 2 year old kid thinks of the Kindle?


Kindle Printed Book

As a practice every night I try and read for at least 30 mins before I sleep. The other night I was reading on my Kindle. My little one walks into the room and comes around the bed side to see what I am doing. I see her pick up one of my other books (print version) and ask me why I was not reading this one.

I replied – “Papa wants to read this one tonight (and I point to the Kindle).”

Her response “Papa see this book (pointing to the printed copy) so nice colours – blue, pink, orange so nice nice, this (kindle) is only black black, not nice”.

She puts the book back on the table, smiles and walks out of the room. Least bothered if her opinion has made me switch to the “nice bright book” instead of the boring Kindle.

What did Oreo Cookies learn from the kids?


Do you know the correct way to eat an Oreo cookie? Take a look at this video [Oreo Ad] before I share my experience.

My not yet 2 years old kid was introduced to Oreo cookie a few months back. I was stunned when I saw her do the exact same thing with the cookie. She broke it open, licked up all the cream, bit a few pieces off the cookie and then handed over the remains. Signalling that she was done with it and ready for round 2.

Now, the first thing to come to mind was that she probably imitates what she sees around (And she does that quite often). However I know for sure that nobody in the family eats Oreo and even if they did, it wasn’t the “OREO way”. If memory serves me right, I haven’t seen Oreo ads recently on TV, so that as an influence is out too.

Which makes me think. Somebody at Oreo or their Creative/Research Agency probably cracked this well. Observing what could be a large group of kids and how they really enjoy their cookie. Learning from my daughter this could be how they enjoy it best without somebody telling them the “right way”.

I think very few brands get into their consumer’s life to understand not only what’s missing and how their product can help but instead reflect how their product is already being enjoyed in a manner which the brand team never guessed would be the case.