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Why I am going to give in to my kid’s demand

A.M Naik recently moved out from the position of CEO of Larsen & Toubro after spending over 50 years in the company. ‘I gave zero time to my wife, no time to my children’ That’s about L&T chief Naik’s only regret as he gears up to cede control of the group. Scary. Imagine giving 50… Continue reading Why I am going to give in to my kid’s demand


Quick-fix to problems of life

My mother always said that if you didn't have enough problems in your life, you would not value hard work and one would lose faith in God. Point Noted. As you grow up you realise one problem is just around the corner as you are about to get over the current issue. After experience you find… Continue reading Quick-fix to problems of life


My Kid Is Teaching Me and I am happy to learn

Spending time with the little one is therapeutic, gives me the opportunity to be me. We talk, laugh, scream, we share and we both learn. Did you know that rain rubber shoes (gumboots) are called “galoshes”? No, even I didn’t. My kid is teaching me and I am happy to learn. Ask Questions “Why is… Continue reading My Kid Is Teaching Me and I am happy to learn


RIP Dr.Kalam

As the country mourns the loss of a great visionary and one of India's finest President - Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, I would like to take just a moment and share one of his quotes which had the strongest impact in my life and has kept me going.


Throwback Thursday – The Family’s Answering Machine

Dinner time conversations at our home are always interesting. We either discuss the future of the family or then get nostalgic remembering moments from the past. This week one of the conversations was about the dear old Answering Machine we owned many years ago. At a time when mobile phones weren't so common. Now that… Continue reading Throwback Thursday – The Family’s Answering Machine