Sticker activity to keep the kid busy

Holidays are fun times for the kids. Holidays also mean the parents have to work hard to keep the kids busy. I have joined the Early Learning for Toddlers and Preschoolers(India) group on Facebook which has been a good source of inspiration to make up activities for my little one. Last week I tried one, which she enjoyed and spent good time completing the sheets.

sticker activity kids child

What to do?
Buy bright colour different shaped neon stickers. These are available easily in local stationery shops. Take a couple of blank sheets and draw patterns, shapes which the child needs to decorate with the stickers.

I made 2 sheets. One of them had shapes, where I asked her to put stickers on the borders. Great for hand-eye coordination and good skill development to get those stickers in a line. On the second sheet I wrote the numbers in blocks and asked her to put the stickers accordingly.

This is one of the few activities where I was happy to get her full attention and kept her busy for about 1 hour.

Let me know if you’ve got some fun activity ideas, would love to hear them.



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