Film Review: Bajirao Mastani

Two big releases on the weekend – Dilwale & Bajirao Mastani. With limited work load, I was determined to catch at least one of them before it was too late. Good sense prevailed and the love story of a warrior was picked.

Bajirao Mastani Film Review

As a staple diet, Sanjay Leela Bhansali offers you his magnum opus creation. Beautiful grand sets, lavish costumes, exquisite jewellery and a star cast hand-picked for the roles. He once again manages to get some superb performance from his choice of actors – Ranveer, Milind Soman and Mahesh Manjrekar. The ladies – Priyanka & Deepika play their roles with utmost royal elegance.

The dialogue writers have done a fabulous job to ensure that a personality like Bajirao is not only good with his sword but also has the ability to slice people with his words. I do hope there is a video collection of his dialogues.

All said & done, Bajirao Mastani is Ranveer’s best performance. I would be very surprised if he doesn’t steal the thunder at all the film awards in 2016. He has put in immense work to play the character. The maratha dialect, the body language and the energy which portrays a fearless warrior smitten by love.

I have come back entertained and strongly recommend that you catch this only on the big screen to enjoy the movie in its full glory.


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