Tweetdeck – I like it but…

I’ll admit that I am a twitter addict and can’t wait to tweet little things happening around me. Tweetdeck is a neat application, a console to manage your twitter activities. Although it’s been a good experience using tweetdeck – I like the Global Search and Groupings which make tracking important subjects/keywords very easy. But I thought there were a couple of shortcomings.

  1. You can’t add new users. (This is a big problem).
  2. Messages are shown max up to the last 24 hours – this is a problem because you can’t view your old Direct Messages and Replies.
  3. You can’t make any favorites.

I hope the developers have these on their Wish List for the next release. Till then I’ll tweet away.


One thought on “Tweetdeck – I like it but…

  1. I’d agree. I do love tweetdeck however because I can monitor whats going on with twitscoop and by having multiple searches open at once. There are a few drawbacks but hopefully they will fix those in future versions.

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