Photo Drive: Ganesh Visarjan at Chowpatty

After missing out on the opportunity last year, I was determined to photograph this year’s Ganesh Visarjan. I went closer home at Badhwar Park but was disappointed by the low activity and so moved on to visit the biggest visarjan centre in Mumbai – Girgaum Chowpatty.

ganesh visarjan-8 (by kapsi)

A few lessons from the photo activity I learnt that day:

  1. Keep your eyes open for the little things happening around you besides the big Ganpati show – people are in various forms and expressions. Try to capture them.
  2. Police is a big problem, so try and make friends with the volunteers – which is very tough, I would say.
  3. Zoom lens is a must – carry the biggest you can manage in those large crowds.
  4. Talk to your subject, there is nothing better than having them look into the camera for some really good mood shots.
ganesh visarjan-9 (by kapsi) ganesh visarjan-11 (by kapsi)

See more photos at the flickr set.


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