The Wall Project – Great Wall of Mumbai

15th August 2009 - While the rest of the country celebrated 62 years of independence from the Raj, I think a handful of Mumbaikars celebrated the independence to occupy a little space on the streets. The weekend witnessed The Wall Project. The aim was to get the local artists and enthusiastic citizens to paint a… Continue reading The Wall Project – Great Wall of Mumbai


Photo Drive: Ganesh Visarjan at Chowpatty

After missing out on the opportunity last year, I was determined to photograph this year's Ganesh Visarjan. I went closer home at Badhwar Park but was disappointed by the low activity and so moved on to visit the biggest visarjan centre in Mumbai - Girgaum Chowpatty. A few lessons from the photo activity I learnt… Continue reading Photo Drive: Ganesh Visarjan at Chowpatty


Sunday Photo Drive: Worli-Bandra Sealink

If memory serves me right it was Priya who started the whole idea of doing a photo drive of the Worli-Bandra sealink. Of course the long weekend was held responsible for her absence and ultimately the 6 twitter buddies (Aalaap, Anupam (bombayaddict), Preshit, Asfaq, Brajeshwar and me) braved the Sunday morning sun to accomplish the… Continue reading Sunday Photo Drive: Worli-Bandra Sealink