The Wall Project – Great Wall of Mumbai

15th August 2009 – While the rest of the country celebrated 62 years of independence from the Raj, I think a handful of Mumbaikars celebrated the independence to occupy a little space on the streets.

great wall mumbai-5 (by kapil_b)

The weekend witnessed The Wall Project. The aim was to get the local artists and enthusiastic citizens to paint a stretch of wall between Mahim and Matunga (a wall running parallel to the railway line).

I share a few pics from the walk around the wall. This is the official Facebook group and here is the official website.

great wall mumbai-8 (by kapil_b)

great wall mumbai-1 (by kapil_b)
See more photos here.

4 thoughts on “The Wall Project – Great Wall of Mumbai

  1. Looks like a very interesting way to spread awareness on various relevant issues. I checked out the project’s website but couldn’t find anything over there.
    Has this concept spread to other cities yet? I’d love to have it in Delhi…

  2. Hey! This one was indeed a great event, I was there to cover it deep with my camera. All the pictures are up for everyone to review in my photoblog in case you would like to leave responses… Cheers!!!

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