Dandiya queen gives me marketing lessons

Every time around this year the Dandiya Queen – Falguni Pathak appears out of no where and makes Mumbai dance to her tunes. A few nights back while watching her perform LIVE on TV, she triggered off some marketing lessons in my mind. A simple map which charts out how she maintains her popularity even after so many years with no competition even close to her.

Avoids over-exposure
Falguni appears only during Navratri time. She doesn’t endorse any product or sell products she doesn’t use. Her private albums are limited and I don’t think she did many after a few in the initial years. And that’s why, when she appears JUST for those 9 spectacular nights, people just LOVE her.
Lesson: Don’t over-expose your brand to the audience, be selective of where and how your brand is being seen/experienced.

Refreshes her inventory
Every season she makes sure she has practiced her team to dish out the latest Bollywood numbers (She does Dandiya numbers on ROCK ON! too) well orchestrated to the dandiya beats.
Lesson: Make sure you refresh your offerings at regular intervals.

Knows what her audience wants
Year after year she delivers her signature tune “Paari hoon mein” in spite of the song being old and out-dated now. She sings new numbers but not at the cost of replacing her best.
Lesson: In the attempt to offer something new don’t take away something most cherished by your consumer.