Great Steal, Big Brands POOR STORES

Last evening I went shopping with family to the famous discount store format “The Loot” (Marine Lines). Although we ended up buying a lot of clothes I don’t think the experience was as good as their prices.

image The place is claustrophobic and clothes are just falling all over you. I guess it was just an unlucky Sunday when their air-conditioning had failed earlier in the day only to add to the killing heat outside. For once I thought the weather outside was cooler. And dude, somebody needs to seriously give them some retailing lessons on customer management and how a shop experience can make or break a sale – The music was blaring like a discotheque and you could barely hear suggestions being provided by the store staff.

What’s in the store? It’s a mad house – you’ll get some great deals but you need to be LUCKY and also do a good hunt around the huge cloth piles. Check the piece and do you trials for size and fits if you’re not buying a regular brand.

Piece of advise: Please don’t go in there with a lot of expectations to pick up something pre-fixed in your mind. Go in without a shopping list and you’ll pick something nice.