The Wall Project – Great Wall of Mumbai

15th August 2009 - While the rest of the country celebrated 62 years of independence from the Raj, I think a handful of Mumbaikars celebrated the independence to occupy a little space on the streets. The weekend witnessed The Wall Project. The aim was to get the local artists and enthusiastic citizens to paint a… Continue reading The Wall Project – Great Wall of Mumbai

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Music system made of junk

Let me show you a piece of work done by a very young talented bunch of people who work with me at mudra. Art Director: Ninad Gharat, Binal Parikh Copywriter: Aditya Iyengar Photographar: Amol Jadhav Illustrator: Shankar Chavan This is an ad to promote the famous exchange offers which Big Bazaar announces very often. What’s… Continue reading Music system made of junk

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Monday Mumble: Can localised SMS marketing work?

Bluetooth proximity marketing is something which I have enjoyed experiencing on every instance. However the technology has limitations due to it's short range and the fact that users need to have their Bluetooth activated and also devices set to "discoverable" mode. So going back to something I read a few years back about mobile towers… Continue reading Monday Mumble: Can localised SMS marketing work?