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Wish your loved one “all out”

Pratap Bose, Mudra’s recently appointed CEO wished his wife in the most unique and loud way you could imagine. He selected to use his domain – the outdoor medium to wish his wife Seema a very happy birthday.


Read the full article at agencyfaqs.

He further goes to add that this could be done by anybody who is willing to pay about Rs.20,000 – 30,000 for the outdoor display. I just spoke to my media team and checked if I could do a ticker on one of the TV channels wishing my wife? Sounds interesting but VERY expensive so I’ll just make do with a greeting card.


3 thoughts on “Wish your loved one “all out”

  1. You know, he wasn’t really talking just to his wife, but to future clients as well. I’d not be thrilled if I was his wife, but then, that’s why I am not his wife :). All sorts of public displays like this seem insincere to me. Maybe it’s just me being cynical! –Deepa

  2. I saw this on afaqs! and made sure my fiance saw it too 😀

    No no, not cuz i want a hoarding… just a bigger card will do 🙂

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