Save paper: Do a smart allocation of printers

My office has 3 printers on which we print our daily documents. One of them is right next to my table and every morning I see a bucketful of trash which has been printed and ignored without bothering to either dump the waste or even bother to use the other side of the paper. And I hate paper wastage.

In an effort to become a more environmental friendly organisation I suggested the following to my admin team. The office has 3 printers of which 2 should be dedicated to printing for all internal purposes (prints which don’t need to go out of the office and can be printed on used paper; both side printing). Everyone in the office should be asked to dump their single-side printed paper into this printer. The third printer should be loaded with fresh paper to be used only for documents which are official communication and cannot be printed on already used paper.

Maybe small but I am sure we can make this effort to save a lot of paper our offices use even in these days of digitization.


One thought on “Save paper: Do a smart allocation of printers

  1. i was introduced to the corporate attitude of “print-all” during my summer internship. And sadly the trend continues unabated.

    I’m so glad you’ve started this initiative. I try and use all internal prints for notes on the 2nd side.

    I know too many people who’ll print emails and docs to just read at leisure and want fresh sheets for that only! sigh

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