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Music system made of junk

Let me show you a piece of work done by a very young talented bunch of people who work with me at mudra.

big bazaar recycled music system

Art Director: Ninad Gharat, Binal Parikh
Copywriter: Aditya Iyengar
Photographar: Amol Jadhav
Illustrator: Shankar Chavan

This is an ad to promote the famous exchange offers which Big Bazaar announces very often. What’s remarkable (and you may have to take a closer look at the image for this) is the fact that this entire music system has been constructed after buying/collecting  a big quantity of junk and then assembling the pieces bit by bit. Here are a few pics taken of work-in-progress, which should give you a better idea.

DSCN6682_web DSCN6935_web

Click on the images to see them in full size.


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