Remembering the first day of school

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Got a bit nostalgic seeing the rain tipper-tapper on the roof. This season reminds me of the start of a new year in school.

Back from our summer holidays, excited we fight the laziness and manage to attend the first day of school. Only to be disappointed that our the friend is no longer in the same class.

The smell of new text-books, those gleaming freshly sharpened pencils, the absolutely clean pages of the notebooks waiting to have their Chapter 1 written in them. Upset that mummy didn’t buy you a new compass box, while your friends got one from the trip to Singapore/Dubai.

But you never missed an opportunity to show-off the latest ware collected during the vacation. That Sheaffer ink pen your “mamaji” gifted you while at nani’s place. Or that Japanese compass-box which had multiple buttons and was made like a Swiss knife with everything fitted into it.

Visit to the Bata store to pick up your pairs of gum-boots or white canvas shoes which you wish didn’t have to be worn during the rains.

First period of the language was spent writing the season favourite – “How I spent my summer vacation”. And of course we had to do this in local languages also.

Got upset when you learn that your favourite teacher was no longer around.

Wondered if this year you would get to share the desk with that cute girl you attempted talking to last year – Or be stuck with the class bully.

And then as days passed, the home-work would increase and the excitement was over, you would sleep every night with the prayer that it may pour all night and school would declare a holiday tomorrow.

Did the new year of school excite you? Do you have a child-hood memory from those days? Would love to hear it, leave your thoughts in the comments area.


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  1. Awesome man…………….. one thing more …that lovely things which we loved to eat after school was over … and also the small tiffin exchanges…asking each other ..Aaj tiffin mein kya laya …. all this and loads more … school life is the best a man can have …….

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