Skoda Octavia Classifieds Ad – Good copy work


Last week woke up to see the front page of Times of India taken over by a colourful classifieds feature. Initially I skipped it thinking the copywriter would have written some dummy copy. But on a closer look, I was amazed. Such good effort went into writing each of the classified ad. Take a look, I am sure you will smile.

Skoda Octavia - Classifieds Ad

Although, on the same note I was disappointed with the reveal ad. Could have done a better and I think there was no connect to the “classifieds” teaser.  Let me know what did you think of it.

Skoda Octavia - Launch AdImages:


Can India be a cashless society?


Saw this ad a while back. And although the creative team has taken the license to exaggerate the product benefit I am not sure if it really fits into our country yet so perfectly.

Visa Debit Card from Campaign India on Vimeo.

Can we hope that India will become a cash-less society? A major technology boost is needed before we can proudly flash our cards for every purchase. But hey we are getting there. What do you think?

Music system made of junk


Let me show you a piece of work done by a very young talented bunch of people who work with me at mudra.

big bazaar recycled music system

Art Director: Ninad Gharat, Binal Parikh
Copywriter: Aditya Iyengar
Photographar: Amol Jadhav
Illustrator: Shankar Chavan

This is an ad to promote the famous exchange offers which Big Bazaar announces very often. What’s remarkable (and you may have to take a closer look at the image for this) is the fact that this entire music system has been constructed after buying/collecting  a big quantity of junk and then assembling the pieces bit by bit. Here are a few pics taken of work-in-progress, which should give you a better idea.

DSCN6682_web DSCN6935_web

Click on the images to see them in full size.

Have you voted for the new national animal?


These are tough times. Not only is the political system of our country in a mess but it now seems the animal world is not spared of the political mess either. 3 animals have decided to fight the current national animal of India – tiger to emerge as the new national animal of the country.

[Click on the posters for larger version]
Buffalo  Elephant  Monkey

Also you must watch the election campaign speech by the leaders of each camp – Buffalo, Elephant and Monkey.

And your vote can make a difference. So send a SMS and do your bit.

Update: You can put your vote online by clicking on this link.

Ad Pick: Motorokr starring Abhishek Bachchan


This is a real fundo ad for Motorola’s new music phone called Motorokr. It features their brand ambassador for India – Mr. Abhishek Bachchan. And if I am not mistaken the ad also features well-known ad film-maker Prasoon Pandey. (Notice the director who tells AB to get some rest). Anyways, you enjoy the ad.

Update: Read more about this ad at agencyfaqs

Two ads which caught my attention


Over the last two weeks I have been traveling extensively which has given me the chance to view a lot of media which I am not exposed to when at home. Here are two ads in particular which caught my attention instantly.

It was interesting to see this Nokia ad which talks about it’s new phone’s feature using a mention. Hmm, I thought this was supposed to be their business phone model, so adding the angle has made it even more interesting for the new-age young business-man.

nokia ad (by kapsi)

I wonder if paid them something for this heavy mention.

And here is another superbly executed ad by Crocodile

crocodile ad (by kapsi)