Skoda Octavia Classifieds Ad – Good copy work

Last week woke up to see the front page of Times of India taken over by a colourful classifieds feature. Initially I skipped it thinking the copywriter would have written some dummy copy. But on a closer look, I was amazed. Such good effort went into writing each of the classified ad. Take a look, I am sure you will smile.

Skoda Octavia - Classifieds Ad

Although, on the same note I was disappointed with the reveal ad. Could have done a better and I think there was no connect to the “classifieds” teaser.  Let me know what did you think of it.

Skoda Octavia - Launch AdImages:



2 thoughts on “Skoda Octavia Classifieds Ad – Good copy work

  1. Hey Kapil, long time. Vinod ex-mudra here. My team and I worked on the ad. Nice to know that people appreciated the long hours of writing. The HT ad you shared though, was not the reveal ad. In the TOI and ET, where the innovation was done, we had a different ad.

  2. Hey Vinod, Good to hear from you. Was the innovation ad different? Because if i remember this is what I saw in TOI. If you share a JPEG with me I will be happy to update this post with the correct ad. Let me know.

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