In-film branding in 1984

Last night I happened to catch a little bit of a movie called Dhokebaaz. This was a big star
movie with Shatrughan Sinha, Amjad Khan & Vidya Sinha but a few minutes of the movie was enough to predict the “predictble of typical hindi movies”.

Anyways, there was something interesting in the movie which made me write about it. In the movie a man is murdered and his widow is sitting at home mourning over his death. while she is talking to the police inspector investigating the murder case the servant comes and informs about the arrival of a guest. A gentleman walks in an introduces himself:

“Namaste, mein LIC se aaya hoon, main Mrs. …. se milna chata hoon”

At that moment I was thinking that in today’s time if LIC had to get that mention it would have to pay a whooping amount of money for “in-film branding”. But I am sure in 1984 when the movie was being made the prodcuers would have paid nothing for that kind of brand mention. But then again I am sure the dialog writer didn’t know life insurance beyond LIC. And were the brand managers at LIC excited about getting such a mention – I wonder.

Come to think of it – how many brands actually get to enjoy a Product=Brand Name exclusivity like insurance=LIC?


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