Get 4 months of holiday happiness

Nitika and I are planning to take our second honeymoon next month. So currently we are busy evaluating locations, hotels, attractions and other details of places we would like to visit. Things are exciting and every night post-dinner we get online, surf, bookmark and make notes or action things – IT’S FUN and is keeping our spirits & moods super high.


Which made me think that if on an average you could plan 2 holidays for your family – big or small doesn’t matter as long as you can get everyone involved to work on the plans. Every holiday could translate into 2 months of happiness approximately. Let me explain how:

  • A few weeks of preparation makes you dream of a wonderful holiday you will be experiencing soon
  • A few weeks you will be happy because you are on holiday
  • A few weeks later also you will be happy sharing experiences and photos with your loved ones – which again keeps you excited about the holiday you just had.

So that way you could keep yourself in a great spirit for about 4 months of a year. What about the rest? Well, work hard with a positive attitude because you need to earn up bucks for the holiday and also don’t forget you are going to have fun for 4 months and not just the holiday period.

What’s your formula for happiness? Put your thoughts in the comments area.

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One thought on “Get 4 months of holiday happiness

  1. I wish I could do two vacations a year! It’s been on the wishlist for many years. Weekend trips or weekly trips have increased recently and the happiness certainly stays on.

    My formula for happiness is that happiness is not an end result. It’s a choice I can make right now!

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