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Bong baby scores a goal!

bipasha's kiss 004If I am in the mood I usually try to catch up with the day’s happenings on the news between 9pm and 10pm. Last night I was amazed to see yet another piece of crap making it to the headlines and having two experts LIVE on the show to share their opinion on the same was the pits!! Yes, the all so famous Bipasha Basu and Ronaldo’s over-hyped KISS! You can dig in and find too many pros and cons but i’ll just rumble of thoughts for now:

– Do news channels have scarcity of actual news which matters, that they need to bring in a flingy kiss of a bollywood star as a newshour item?

– I am not sure even if it was a kiss actually!

bipasha's kiss 003– And even if it was, people, grow up she’s an adult so is he – Can’t two people do what their heart desires?

– the experts commented that it was going to get Bipasha a lot of foreign media attention and thereby put her top of the mind with Hollywood scouting agents – you gotta be kidding! is that how they select talent?

I would be OK if this item appeared on a Zoom or entertainment news but on a Newshour show – gosh, where is the media heading?


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