Employees are getting free iPhones

Last evening I read somewhere on the net that Steve Jobs of Apple gave away 8GB iPhones FREE to all it’s 17,000+ Apple full-time employees. Now you may call it a smart move to increase word of mouth publicity, engage user experience and everything – But a product like the iPhone surely doesn’t need anything of that sort. Anyways the employees got it and I must say that’s so bloody cool. What next? It’s expected that quite a few of them may turn up on ebay very soon.

If that’s not all the latest emailer from Biz Stone of Twitter states that they too gave away free iPhones to all twitter employees – Now that’s even more cool! More so because twitter has nothing to do officially with Apple – they are just a bunch of geeks who love to experiment with new technology and gizmos.  And I think it makes for a great incentive.

How about giving your employees free iPhones? Are the HR managers listening …