Travel Diary: Bali

After a rather hectic work period wife and I decided to take a short holiday. Thanks to Air Asia's introductory discounts we jumped on-board and flew to BALI. We've had a lot of beach holidays and this time we wanted it to be different. The idea was to enjoy the city and its offerings. So… Continue reading Travel Diary: Bali

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Travel Diary: Business Trip to China

One of the key highlights of 2014 was a short trip to Yiwu City in China. I had the opportunity to visit one of the world’s largest wholesale market which boasts of over 65,000 traders/manufacturer outlets. The trip gave me a very small but impactful exposure to the business processes of the country and probably… Continue reading Travel Diary: Business Trip to China


Weekend trip to Masai Mara in Kenya

Last year before moving back to Mumbai from Kenya, the family decided to do the MUST VISIT trip to Masai Mara - a large animal reserve in Kenya (Africa). The scenes we experienced were something we had seen only on National Geographic and Discovery TV Channels. Click here to see more photos from the trip… Continue reading Weekend trip to Masai Mara in Kenya

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Let SRK be your next holiday guide

Filmstars. The Divas. We like to walk, talk and dress like our favourite star. And now you have the option to even holiday like the stars in their on-screen avatars only, of course.SOTC in an interesting tie-up with Yashraj Films presents what they call the Enchanted Journey. Travel Packages which explore Europe and promise to… Continue reading Let SRK be your next holiday guide