Travel Diary: Bali

After a rather hectic work period wife and I decided to take a short holiday. Thanks to Air Asia’s introductory discounts we jumped on-board and flew to BALI.


We’ve had a lot of beach holidays and this time we wanted it to be different. The idea was to enjoy the city and its offerings. So we choose to keep away from the beach properties and picked a hotel in the heart of the action – Seminyak. The streets are full of restaurants, pubs, boutique stores and spas.


The design sense in Bali is top-notch. Stores are beautifully decorated. Restaurants have a wonderful ambiance. Fashion is elegant. As partners in a creative business, we were impressed and there was a lot to see, learn and seek inspiration.


Food. WOW! What an offering. Amazing cuisines and some lip-smacking food. We got the chance to try some authentic Indonesian, yummy burgers and even Greek food with an Asian twist.


Most of the people we interacted with were very warm and provided us with some excellent hospitality. Staff was more than helpful to accommodate our request for vegetarian meals.

Bali was a wonderful experience. We have marked the destination as something which can be visited with friends, families or even once again for yet another couple holiday.


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