Coffee Experiement with Blue Tokai Roasters

Empty mind is a devil’s workshop. In my case just not so devilish after all.

December & January are typically light months at work. The empty mind and free time made me dig out the ignored Coffee Machine.

This was a very old purchase during my stay in Nairobi. Once back in India it was packed off to the storage. I even made an attempt to sell it on OLX. Like everything else, this too didn’t sell or even get a query.

Next step was to find some good coffee which would work with the machine type. I had never purchased any powder after my return to India. Quick check online and after a few recommendations from the Tweeps, I decided on Blue Tokai.

Their Grind Guide is helpful if you are a newbie to Coffee Experiments like me. They roast their coffee twice a week – Sundays & Wednesday. Depending on when you order, they ship out your order within 24 hours after the roasting. Delivery was on time and well packed. Break the pouch seal and there is a lovely aroma of the fresh grind. You have to make your first cup right away.

Since I had no clue what to order, I decided to go for the Roast Level Sampler Pack. After reading a few Coffee Experts online, it was necessary to understand which Roast Level, you enjoy for you coffee. I have picked the Dark Roast as my favourite, Light Roast is just too weak and doesn’t help. I also experimented the coffee with milk and Everyday Milk Powder. Sometimes the milk can give a terrible stink, so I am taking it with the Milk Powder whenever possible. A small pinch of brown sugar makes it nice too.

What’s next? The challenge of picking a good flavour. I think I am going to order the Bynemara Estate – Caramel, Nuts, Cocoa.

Are you enjoying some coffee, please do share – would love to try some new roasters in the city.