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Cheering the team from a 1000 miles far away

There is enough excitement in the air surrounding India’s win at the ICC World Cup 2011. At the end of the evening I was proud to have witnessed the victory even a 1000 miles away from my home country. I am in Nairobi working on a project for a partner company and the team here made sure that we gathered all the Indians to support and cheer the spirit of victory.

We all gathered Saturday afternoon at the Mystique Gardens. We had booked a ‘banda’ which is a big tent set-up in the open garden. The place was decorated with colours of the Indian flag and huge TV screens and big massive speakers ensured that the about 100 people who gathered at the venue made sure there was nothing amiss the excitement.

banda at mystique gardens

The concept of banda is interesting. I am told that it’s usually popular among the male friends, who book a banda and then experiment to cook some live fish and meat. The management provides all the necessary ingredients and you cook, eat and drink to merry.

Although nobody at our banda was cooking, it was an interesting experience to see some really awesome set-ups at the other bandas where fish and even an Indian sabzi of peas & potatoes was being cooked.

Being there and witnessing the energy of the place was an experience to be cherished. I have actually seen yet another milestone for the Indian Cricket Team and that too amongst an Indian expatriate community. And mind you most of them were 3rd generation Indian born and brought up in Kenya, but have not yet lost the connect or the spirit for the country’s most popular game.

And before I end there are some thoughts I am going to leave you with. Of course these will be debated, questioned and made into case  studies. And as somebody mentioned on twitter will also be a part of upcoming Power Point Presentations.

  • As a captain what does MS Dhoni do to ensure that the team work towards a common goal and not just individual milestones?
  • As the senior most player in the team, what does Sachin Tendulkar do to earn the respect of the team players who probably don’t even have half the experience he’s got in the game? I loved what Virat Kohli said – ‘He [Sachin] has taken the burden of the country for 21 years and so it was only right that we carried him on our shoulders as a pay-back.’
  • How does one manage to keep cool and calm when 1.2 billion people expect you to pull off a 30 runs from 30 balls?
  • And of course like MS Dhoni said he made some tough and radical decisions before the start of the game and will now be respected because they won, but would be questioned if they didn’t.

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  1. i am sure you must have had a nice time and new experience of BANDA!!God bless!

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