Phishing for my bank details

This morning I had a HDFC NetBanking Security alert email in my Inbox. For a moment I thought that my account login may have been tampered with and this could be an alert for that. So I looked into it immediately. What followed is interesting and rather worrisome.

Take a look at these screen-shots. Notice the language used, spelling mistakes and of course the URL for the page which seeks all information. Over-look that bit and you’ve as good as jumped into a well with little rescue.

I clicked the OnlineHDFC.html link – Now I think I shouldn’t have. [Please click on images for full sizes]

hdfc bank phishing alert

and then the capture page which wanted me to share all the personal details possible

May I request all my blog readers to please be wary of such emails which are out ‘phishing‘ for personal details like bank account numbers, online login and ATM pins etc.


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