30 lessons to a richer life

Got you. Didn’t I? No, I am not going to tell you how to manage or invest your money so that you can get rich and retire even before your kids finish school. Sorry, no such thing in here.

Instead I tried sharing 30 lessons I learnt which are helping me enrich my life. I really hope it inspires you just like it does to me.

  1. Don’t waste your precious life sleeping off. Be an early riser. Like Vijay Mallya says – Only prostitutes make money in bed.
  2. Exercise. Because Robin Sharma says – Those who don’t think about exercise early in life will be thinking a lot about illness late in life.
  3. Try and say YES more often.
  4. Don’t expect everything to be perfect before you start. Make the go and improvise as you go along.
  5. Be proud of whatever you are in life. Don’t let any job be too small for you. Take pride in your work and be confident.
  6. Travel. Get out of that pond. Go explore the world.
  7. Drop the “I know it ALL” attitude. You don’t and you won’t.
  8. Learn to be a student all your life.
  9. Shit happens. The challenge is to either not be IN it or GET OUT of it. And most importantly don’t be the one creating it.
  10. Relationships matter. EARN, RESPECT & MAINTAIN them.
  11. Plan to use your weekends constructively or creatively. Learn a new skill. Pursue your hobby. Often, what you do on the weekends determines your attitude in the week.
  12. You should be an expert. Pick a subject and try to learn everything you can about it. It adds a lot of conversation value.
  13. No matter what field of work you are in. Be aware of current affairs.
  14. Be a SPONGE. Absorb great stuff from your surroundings. See art, watch good movies, listen to music that stimulates you.
  15. Be surrounded by smart, intelligent people. You may feel dumb in their company, but with the right people the learning experience is awesome.
  16. Maintain a personal journal. Even if you don’t manage to write everyday, write when the heart wants to. Write because you want it all out of your head. Write because it will make you feel better.
  17. Be MONEYWISE. Get a hold on your finances early on. Get good advise on investments. Stop leakages – late fees, interest charges. SAVE.
  18. Being FRUGAL helps. But once in a while learn to splurge. you ain’t taking any of that money up with you.
  19. REMEMBER: It’s not DONE till it’s DONE.
  20. Control – Tongue & Temper.
  21. Family – God gifted. Friends – you choose. So pick wisely.
  22. Let every defeat give you more than it can take away from you. Learn something and move on.
  23. Besides death don’t let anything put you down. Like the brand says – Keep Walking.
  24. Set yourself some Goals. Having goals gives our lives purpose and meaning and direction.
  25. Identify your mentors. Guides for life. Get inspired by them. Learn from their lives, their talks and their actions.
  26. Don’t EXPECT miracles. MAKE them happen.
  27. Not everything will be gifted to you. So if there is something you desire/deserve – ASK FOR IT.
  28. Develop a helpful nature. People appreciate the unexpected support and will remember it.
  29. Don’t SULK. Have a supportive family, strong partner or just great friends who will let you cry it all out.
  30. I couldn’t think of point #30 but didn’t want to close the post on 29, so bear with me.

What’s your inspiration? What’s it that keeps you ticking? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this… all of the above (except the 30th one 🙂 ) make perfect sense and do-able.

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