WOW! Moment: When everyone is responsible for the customer

The WOW! Moment is when that little extra makes me have a wonderful customer service experience.


On the weekend, wife and me were shopping for our new apartment at TACC Store. We were browsing the many colourful and rather confusing furnishing material section of the store. Due to the X’mas discounts, the store was busy and the staff was making a good effort to attend them all. We didn’t have a sales rep yet talking to us, so we kept browsing till we could get somebody to help us.

And then came the WOW! Moment. One of the handy man who was probably responsible to carry the huge materials from one end of the store to the other, STOPPED and asked us = “Is there anybody attending you? Can I ask somebody to help you?” Wow! Now that doesn’t happen very often does it?

When was the last time a cleaner or house-keeping staff at the store STOP and check if you needed assistance.