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Social media – a challenge for the complete organisation

Just read Dell’s Hearing Test at ADWEEK. It’s a good article which describes Dell’s efforts to manage their online reputation. I thought there were a couple of learning’s to understand how social media will be a challenge for the complete organisation and NOT JUST the branding team.

  1. Running a company blog is more than just yet another marketing and PR activity. Everybody has to be responsible for what’s being put online and to respond to consumer reactions.
  2. Internet is the most easily accessible Customer Complaint box, so be sure you have a “active” team to take care of those disappointments popping up there.
  3. Customer complaints often lead to better product development. So is that team listening to the what’s being talked online?
  4. It’s amazing what can come out of customer suggestions – Dell customers said they preferred more environmental friendly packaging material. Such things rarely come out in customer satisfaction surveys.

And let’s remember just because you have a blog which talks to people it doesn’t mean it’s going to be all good. You gotta “listen” to the negative reactions and quickly solve customer problems before they become top listings on websites like digg and StumbleUpon.