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Is it the end of a career in advertising?

If you are an advertising professional in India you are not going to like this bit of view shared in ET’s – Ad world attrition hits all-time high.

JWT India’s executive VP and NCD Elvis Sequira echoes Mr Singh’s views. “Too many agencies have stopped adding value to their clients’ businesses. Earlier, they used to be advisors and partners and now they’re just a bunch of really worried vendors presenting layouts to the middle rung of the marketing department. So, instead of charging fair value for their services, a lot of them are left scrambling for a rapidly shrinking percentage of spends.”

The article further states how top bosses of ad agencies have been looking at other exciting careers. Moving out of the agency world has been recently discussed a number of times with colleagues over lunch. Although the creative satisfaction is what keeps a lot of us going I think at some point the reward at the end of the month is disappointing for all the hard work and pressure that we go through.

Not wanting to sound like a pessimist but then the industry is sure not going great places, so a long-term in career in advertising is a matter of concern currently. Is it time to explore other exciting avenues?


One thought on “Is it the end of a career in advertising?

  1. Hey Kapil,

    Coming here after long… good to read you again!

    On your post, I am not sure if this piece can be extrapolated to pass a judgment on the future of the advertising industry…

    The problem with advertising as an industry, is that it has historically been a bad paymaster, since most of these agencies started as a small time partnership. So, people will move to more lucrative (though banal) jobs, if they can’t take such a cash flow hit or if they are really not so passionate about advertising.

    Actually, on the contrary, i personally think that the future for advertising should be brighter – With each passing day, purchasing power of people a also their spending patterns are changing.

    Urbanization has increased more consumer demand, which is bound to fuel advertising growth. Plus new media like OOH, radio, internet will increase avenues. On top of that growth will be triggered by events like Commonwealth Games, Cricket World Cup, etc

    Personally, I feel advertising as an industry is on a growth path. It just needs to pull up its socks in terms of instituitionalization, and in terms of recruiting and retaining talent.

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