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Nike+ inspires me to run

I just viewed the "Nike+" presentation for Cannes 2007. The case study is a Titanium winner, I think. And now I am very inspired to make running an important activity of my life. Need to pull out those sneakers and go out for the run. I want to challenge myself to some kind of physical activity and I think it’s going to be running to start with. Of course I can’t go out and get that iPod nano+Nike kit, so I’ll just run for now.

Image courtesy: JumpTheGap

On another note, I think the brand integration done by Nike+ is superb. Be it events, web virals, online communities – I think they got it all right. Apparently the website is the first web application 2.0 connected to an offline product. Read more about Nike+ and Apple’s website

Are you inspired to run?


One thought on “Nike+ inspires me to run

  1. Good luck with the running, Kapil! The Nike+ device is definitely a wonderful motivation tool, I would thoroughly recommend it.

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