Movies and more movies

My determination to keep up with the movies has paid off well. I have seen quite a few of them lately.

Jodha Akbar is a nice, mega production movie. I didn’t find it long and it’s just not boring. Go watch it for the sheer brilliance and scale with which the movie is made. And yes I must admit that I actually seem to enjoy the music of this movie more since I have seen it.

American Gangster is a dark talkative and loads of action and some really gory scenes filled movie. Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington do a superb job.

Michael Clayton – I had no idea what this movie was going to be all about. If you’ve liked Erin Brockovich you may just about like this one too. Kind of talkative so be prepared for some good attention when you watch this one.

The Shooter is a movie which starts off well but somehow didn’t keep me hooked in the climax and how the hero takes on himself to go about cleaning the bad people. So very filmy.

I am yet to finish The Brave One.

Death at a Funeral and Vantage Point are 2 movies I would like to see in the coming week.


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