Advertising · Workplace – catch the viral as a part of its current campaign has recently launched its online viral – Fire ‘n’ Ice, which is an interesting take on matrimony and relationships between couples. The creative has been conceptualized by Mr. Bobby Pawar, Mudra’s NCD.


Make sure your speaker volume is turned on.

And while we are talking about my workplace, it’s great to know that Mudra won an award for Continuous Innovation and HR Strategy at Work by the World HRD Congress!


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  1. Hey Kapil –

    You don’t know me but may recognize me from a few comments left on your site. I can’t even remember how I happened to find your site a few months back now. But I check back every so often to see what’s new with advertising in India.

    I had forgotten that you mentioned you work for Mudra. But now that you re-mentioned it, it’s a funny connection that you and I now share: Bobby Pawar.

    My ad agency the US is collaborating with him on a new project. And my significant other met him when he was still in Chicago. Crazy small world we live in.



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