Monday Mumble: Restaurant in a bus

Often, there are thoughts, ideas or just sparks which don’t justify a complete blog post for themselves but need to be shared in this space to collect an opinion. Monday Mumble is an attempt to share such bizarre but probably exciting ideas out loud here. Let’s hope I can keep the date every Monday. Here is the first one.

The other day I was traveling in the top deck of a BEST bus and wondered to myself. How interesting would it be to strand a BEST bus, rip apart it’s seats, color the interiors wild and setup a restaurant inside it. You could have some very nice cute seating – table for 2s or maybe just 4s. Large groups not allowed to maintain the sanity and calmness of the place. Create a lounge type atmosphere, lot of cushions and comfy seats to relax and soak in the private moments with your special one. I really couldn’t make up my mind on the type of cuisine. But candle-light specials with champagnes would be nice. Or should it be authentic Maharashtrian food?

BEST bus

What do you think? Would you be interested in experiencing something like this in Mumbai? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Mumble: Restaurant in a bus

  1. Not bad idea et all.. am sure since the city is “Mumbai” people are desperately looking at trying something new every other day…it would b a hit not only for locals but a great spot for tourists too who can enjoy the serene environment of the bus rather than the hustle-bustle in cars and go for a night city-tour and at the same time lick their fingers.

  2. Thats a neat one. yumm! I could think of few neat ways to position this,

    – the breakfast bus, it will be from one of the suburbs to downtown (everyday morning), where you get it, grab your fav breakfast on the bus, eat your way to office while watching local news or flicking the toi / mirror or whatever
    – vadapav bus – get it, get a pav, get out in the next stop (could work on marine drive, chowpatty etc…)

    overall a pretty neat idea monday mumble is, looks like I can continue my business idea series in this name 🙂

  3. Fundoo idea Kapil except that the wheels have to be disembarked and it shud be stationery.

    Otherwise if the bus restaurant is in motion people will find themselves spalshed with curry and gravys all over themselves whenver the driver hits sudden brake or when the bus goes over the zillions of pot holes in the city.

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