How I spent time during the X’mas holidays

The 2011 X'mas holiday has been rather wonderful. Spent some lovely time exploring Nairobi with wife and a new set of friends we have here. Explored We visited the Nairobi National Park. Saw a few animals - Giraffes, Baboons, Bisons / Wild Bulls, lots of deers. Unfortunately could not see any of the wild cats.… Continue reading How I spent time during the X’mas holidays


5 people I would invite to lunch

Read an article in Campaign India which inspired me to put this down. Farhan Akhtar This is the guy who once again re-confirms my “life-wish” to make a movie someday. His ability to play so many roles (film director, actor & singer) and that too with superb performances is commendable. Firstly, I would thank him… Continue reading 5 people I would invite to lunch


Over the weekend

- WordPress releases yet another security update. I wish there was an easier way to do these updates. I typically refer to this guide here, anything easier please share with me. - Farhan Akthar’s Don is an excellent movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, take just one bit of advise from me. Don’t do… Continue reading Over the weekend