Over the weekend

– WordPress releases yet another security update. I wish there was an easier way to do these updates. I typically refer to this guide here, anything easier please share with me.

– Farhan Akthar’s Don is an excellent movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, take just one bit of advise from me. Don’t do any comparisons with the Amitabh Bachan’s Don. Just look at it from a fresh perspective and you will truly enjoy it. The execution style is just superb.
– Sunday morning’s can be productive if you get up on time and don’t laze the morning away. But hey on second thoughts, then what use is a Sunday morning if you don’t get lazy.

– Horoscopes can be terrifying at times. I hate to read them when they are bad. Trust me, bad horoscopes freak me out.

– 1000 bucks for an entry into a café is shocking. Yes, that’s what it costs to get into Hard Rock Café and Shiro comes at a freaking 2000 bucks. These are weekend rates, will have to try a week-night I suppose.

– My mother-in-law makes some delicious food. 99% of the time I over-eat when I am at my in-laws place for dinner. Blessed I am.