Gift from friends

Over the Diwali weekend, my friends gifted us our wedding gift. It was a Gift Card from HDFC bank – a very intelligent and thoughtful idea indeed. Being close friends, they knew I could not be given the typical newly-wed gifts like – showpieces, ghar ka saaman etc. So this was very nice to see. Last Raksha Bandhan, I had given my little sister a similar Gift card from Kotak Mahindra Bank.

hd_pre_gift.jpgI think these cards are very nice to gift – You don’t have to worry about the person’s likes and preferences. You just set your budget go to the bank and fill up the value in the card. Besides the receiver also is very happy to have received this Gift Card because it’s like a Debit card and you can use it at any VISA / MASTERCARD outlet. And these cards have a good advantage over the Gift Vouchers of shopping stores. Because when you gift those you are restricted to purchase items from those stores only. Also there tends to be a little wastage when using these kinds of vouchers. If you have vouchers of Rs.500 denominations and your bill amounts to Rs. 750 – you either have to give them vouchers of Rs.1000 without any cash refund. Or you can even give a voucher of Rs.500 and pay the balance in cash. I realized to spend a gift voucher of Rs.5000 you would have spent Rs.1000 from your pocket itself.

So what’s the best gift you have given or been gifted?