5 people I would invite to lunch

Read an article in Campaign India which inspired me to put this down.

table for two (by antiquecaleb21)

Farhan Akhtar
This is the guy who once again re-confirms my “life-wish” to make a movie someday. His ability to play so many roles (film director, actor & singer) and that too with superb performances is commendable. Firstly, I would thank him for responding to the letter I sent him a few months back after watching ‘Rock On’. Then I will discuss what does he tell himself before jumping into the unknown waters. How do you expect a film director to make his debut in a movie in which he sings the songs himself?

ShahRukh Khan
The first two guests are from the film industry but I guess they have a certain attraction. I won’t meet SRK because he is King Khan but rather because there was something he said long back and that thought has been kind of printed in my head – “I strive to do good work, money is only a byproduct.”. And would love to know the secret of his energy. He is very active and needs only 4 hours of sleep to keep him going.

Robin Sharma
Read his books and have found them to be a great source of positive thinking and looking at life in a new perspective every time. Loved his book The Greatness Guide. Would love to chat up with him and dwell deeper into understanding the simplicity of life we forget in this fast moving world of ours. A totally philosophical chat, this one would be.

Thomas Hawk
This man has a mission – 1 million photos to be uploaded on flickr in his lifetime. He rarely travels without his camera & equipment. He not only has a brilliant photo collection on flickr but also is a photographer rights activist and talks a lot about his processes and experiences at the blog. Thomas is a person who inspires me to shoot more and experiment with angles and Lightroom effects. Will have a discussion on what’s it that he searches for from his viewfinder and hits the shutter to take that awesome shot.

Milind Deora (Who’s he?)
Politics and me don’t fit together very well. A little because I don’t really get the idea and a little because I believe Indian politics is a bit too complicated to comprehend. A luncheon with this young face of Indian politics, would only to be understand his attitude towards the political system. Is he just following his father’s footsteps? Does he see a future for this country different from what the old leaders see it as? Maybe this chat can finally get me interested in politics and it’s workings.

So, who’s that interesting person you would like to have lunch with? Share your thoughts in the comment area.


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