A week with the MacBook Pro

After an almost 2 year contemplation of taking the leap, last month I bit into the Apple. Using the latest edition 13"MacBook Pro for about a week now. This is not intended to be a review, there are better experts out there who will tell you more about it. I am only going to share… Continue reading A week with the MacBook Pro


Dad’s Sony Walkman

Yesterday I read that the Sony Walkman completed 30 years. Got digging into my cupboard to search for the model which my dad had purchased around that time. Dad says he bought this walkman in April 1979 from Dubai, and supposedly this was the first model to hit the market there. So it’s a proud… Continue reading Dad’s Sony Walkman

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Monday Mumble: Can localised SMS marketing work?

Bluetooth proximity marketing is something which I have enjoyed experiencing on every instance. However the technology has limitations due to it's short range and the fact that users need to have their Bluetooth activated and also devices set to "discoverable" mode. So going back to something I read a few years back about mobile towers… Continue reading Monday Mumble: Can localised SMS marketing work?