A week with the MacBook Pro

After an almost 2 year contemplation of taking the leap, last month I bit into the Apple. Using the latest edition 13″MacBook Pro for about a week now. This is not intended to be a review, there are better experts out there who will tell you more about it. I am only going to share my initial experience of having moved to the Mac finally.

  1. The sleek & sexy hold me baby looks make it very attractive and at the same time you are completely on the watch to make sure that the surface is not scratched.
  2. Trackpad lets you do some rather nifty things like page scrolls, application selection, Zoom in/out with just a combination of 2, 3 & 4 fingers and some pinching. Great fun.
  3. Back-lit keyboard which means no more typos when typing late into the night. And no more disturbing lamp light for the wife.
  4. Awesome audio quality is making me pull out the iPod from it’s dock and play it on the MacBook more often.
  5. A no nonsense set-up is truly a blessing after going thru Window’s multiple set-up screens. The Macbook was online with just one password entry. No IP address, No DNS etc.
  6. Surprisingly the Mac OS does NOT come with a built in support for some standard Video formats like AVI and MPEGs. You yet need to get the popular Windows utility – VLC for that purpose.
  7. The Mac OS has a very useful dock which gives you quick access to your set of key applications and documents. But at times gets a bit confusing to know which applications are currently active.
  8. What I really miss on the MacBook from the Windows Keyboard are these keys – Home/End & Page Up/Page Down.
  9. Print Screen is not easy either – needs a little app to take care of it.
  10. The promised battery life was supposed to be 10 hours. But I am not sure under what conditions is this. I’ve got about web browsing on Wifi and music playing and it gives me about 6 hours approximately.

So that’s about it. I am sure knowing Mac’s usability ratings these would be just some minor getting used to features and then there shall be no looking back at the Windows. Looking forward to a higher output on the personal projects with the new MacBook.



4 thoughts on “A week with the MacBook Pro

  1. Congratulations. Just a few points.

    #6. You don’t need VLC. You can just install a small prefPane called Perian at
    #8. You do miss it at first, but you get used to Cmd+Arrow keys.
    #9. Print screen is, in fact, very easy. Just hit Cmd+Shift+3 or 4 and it’ll put the file on your Desktop.

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